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Beautiful | Vibrant | Beachside

 1 150 000 € | Sanur, Bali

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Beautifully Vibrant Beachside 4 Bedroom Villa

Beautifully lively beachfront villa in an ideal location within walking distance to Mertasari, Sanur Beach

This luxury beach villa is just 2 minutes away from the amazing beach of Mertasari, Sanur.
Away from centers like Kuta or Seminyak, many families flock here for the relaxed atmosphere and child-friendly beaches.
Located at the southern end of Sanur Beach, which is geared more towards local activities such as fishing and boating, but you will find a wide range of water sports along the coast.
You can reach this beach from Sanur by a coastal path.

From the outside, the cottage looks bright, vibrant, and inviting.
The blue sky matches the green infinity pool surrounded by lush greenery around the private backyard terrace.
From the terrace, you will see the wonderful view of Mertasari beach.

Inside, you’ll find the same warm inviting atmosphere, with a few touches of modern elegance.
The spacious living room allows the fresh breeze to passively ventilate the interior space.

Ideal for family living, this modern private villa has all the amenities and easy access to all of South Bali’s treasured attractions.

Basic functions

Open/closed living and dining space | Fully furnished | Jacuzzi | Swimming pool with sunbeds | 7 meters road access | Garage

Thursday, Jun 13


Build Area: 350 m2

Plot: 400 m2

Floors: 2

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 4

Furnishings: Complete

Landscaping: Tropical garden with palm trees, plants and flowers

Property type: Villa

Property Status: House, Villa for rent

Swimming pool


Price: $1,150,000


Ownership | Hak Milik | Leasehold

IMB | residential license | permission to use

License for tourist activity