Bali Investment

“know what you own, and why you own it…”


Thursday, Jun 13

Bali Investment provides a comprehensive service in the management of holiday properties in Bali.

From staff and support to welcoming and serving guests, our team has excellent experience in every aspect.


Covers the entire management process, with all permits:

~ Recruitment and management of personnel
~ Professional cleaning
~ Pool maintenance, gardens, and repairs
~ Coordination with villa staff
~ 24/7 support and help
~ Inspection and control

~ Daily monitoring
~ Renewal of amenities

~ Listings – Creation | Optimization | Manage
~ Dynamic pricing
~ Calendar sync and updates
~ Processing reservations and payments

~ House Guide | A guide to the locality
~ Personal accommodation and communication with guests
~ Airport transfers
~ Highly rated reviews

~ Legal and tax advice
~ Concierge* services


Bali Investment is a licensed real estate agent in Bali with a certified SIU-P4 license from the Government of Indonesia.

The company was created to provide a complete and efficient service with a European feel and quality!

We work with some of the best lawyers and notaries on the island.
A prerequisite for a secure and sustainable business!

We have well-established working relationships with an extensive and reliable network of partner real estate agencies, developers, banks, architects, builders, interior designers, and property management companies.

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