Trust grows from authentic roots, nurtured by consistent actions and transparent dealings, creating grounds for prosperous partnerships and lasting sustainable growth.

About Us

Bali Investment

Bali Investment Investment Group specializes in the complete management of holiday properties on the island of Bali.
From the planning of each project to its overall management.

Our portfolio includes completed projects in all aspects of real estate:

    • Land acquisition
    • Villa construction
    • Purchase of real estate

The organization of our activity is focused on a completely closed business cycle, which includes:

    • Planning – location selection and ROI potential.
    • Design – creating a project for a villa with the provision of all the necessary amenities and services of a holiday property.
    • Management of the construction process – in compliance with the requirements for quality construction activities and strict compliance with the set parameters of the relevant project.
    • Investment management – comprehensive management of the finished project.

Investing funds and effort, we always strictly adhere to one main goal – implementation and management that meet the highest standards:

    • Stylish design
    • Attractive location
    • Competitive price
    • Excellent quality
    • High investment potential

Loyalty and excellent attitude toward our partners

We master the art of providing each of our partners with care and a quality investment tailored to their requirements.

The goal of all the efforts we make from planning and designing to the execution of a profitable investment is that the investor is satisfied with the property not only at the time of purchase but also during its management.

Over time, this has built us an excellent reputation as a trusted partner and contractor without compromise.

Realizing that the purchase of an investment property is an important moment in everyone’s life, we insist on exceptional fairness in our dealings.

We assist in choosing the most suitable property depending on the investor’s goals, taking care of all stages of the process.

A guarantee for the quality implementation of all our projects is the established relations with our partners – entrepreneurs who already reinvest with us.

We are consistent in our work, believing that this is the way to the result – a successful realization of any investment.

Proof that a good partnership is a guarantee of achieving the goals is all our successful working projects.

Regular communication with each client from the moment of signing a contract.


Part of managing the overall process of a successful investment is controlling the deadlines.
They should always be within the scope of the planned project.

Realization of the design, construction, and implementation on time are parameters that do not tolerate compromises in our activities.

Bali Investment relies only on specialists with extensive experience.
Our well-established relationships with contractors and partners allow us, in the planning and design stage, to predict and determine the real terms for the implementation and commissioning of the investment property.

For our business, loyalty has been a guiding principle in our dealings with anyone who has acquired the property through us.

All our projects are implemented on time and in accordance with the architectural plans and the set construction parameters of the respective project.

At the same time, the careful selection of location and professional management of our investment sites leads to:

    • achieving extremely high returns
    • substantial profit on resale


In our work, we rely on and highly value the professional qualities and long-term experience of our team members.
This is one of the factors on which the successful development of our business depends, as well as the degree of satisfaction of our customers.
That is why we are constantly improving the structure of the company.

For the sale of our investment products offered exclusively by us, we rely on an individual approach with each client.

Guided by professionalism, we guide each of the stages of the investment process:

    • Assistance for the most suitable choice according to the parameters of the investor
    • Providing advice on all matters
    • Preparation of the package of documents
    • Signing a contract
    • Follow-up communication and control until completion of the investment
    • Management


To buy property in Bali, you need a partner.

The projects and villas placed on this website and/or through our official partners are carried out exclusively.

The main processes in our work with each client are:

    • We answer inquiries by phone, email, or in person at our office
    • We get to know in detail anyone interested in an investment property in Bali
    • We carry out real-time inspections from the island
    • We organize a conference meeting with representatives of all parties to a transaction if this is necessary or at the request of the investor
    • When choosing an investment property, it can be “reserved” without a deposit within up to 3 days
    • After this period, we will contact the investor to sign a deposit agreement in case of confirmation
    • Bali Investment prepares in advance the full package of documents on the transaction, which are provided to the client for consideration and suggestions for corrections by him or his lawyer
    • After finalizing the parameters of the contract, a date is scheduled for its signing
    • Villa Management – we offer individual care for the investment project and its management


Future owners of an investment property on the island of Bali have only one payment option:

    • Bank transfer

When purchasing an investment property, we apply the following payment scheme:

    • Deposit in the amount of 10% of the value of the property, and conclusion of a preliminary contract.
    • An additional payment of up to 100% of the sale price of the property upon signing the purchase contract.
    • All payments are made through a notary.


Architecture, Exterior | Interior Design & Furnishing

The investment sites of Bali Investment are designed by the leading architectural company on the island of Bali and our partner – Sorga Architects Bali | Architecture & Design.
The company has been carrying out its mission for over 19 years – providing high-quality design services in all its phases.


With over 14 years of experience in the construction of villas, Bali Investment is distinguished not only by constant improvement of the technological process and innovative approach to work but also by highly qualified personnel.

All of this is a guarantee of excellent performance quality, in the shortest possible time.