Bali Investment

“know what you own, and why you own it…”

years of experience in building holiday properties in Bali

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Throughout the investment project process:
♦ Planning
♦ Design
♦ Construction
♦ Management


Perfect construction with quality materials.
Safe construction practices.
Compliance with deadlines.

Interior & Exterior Design

Personal approach.
The whole process can be online.
The convenience allows a quick and easy way of communication.
Regardless of your budget and requirements, our architects will design the ideal property for you.

Real Estate

One of the investment options is in ready property.


Recruiting and managing staff.
Daily monitoring.
Pool maintenance, gardens, and repairs.
Covers the entire rental process, with all permits.

Villa Projects

Real Estate

Assistance and verification of all documents through a Notary and a Lawyer

Secure Payments via Notary Escrow Account


| Investment Management |
From finding land for development and the first stone – To satisfied customers who are delighted with their investment.